“HOLES” Silk Organza Scarf No 8


Nuno felt scarf on raw silk organza decorated with fine Merino wool. An unforgettable gift for women of all ages.

A soft, lightweight and stylish fashion accessory entirely handmade with ecological process made of top quality materials and delivered in ECO friendly packaging. FREE SHIPPING via HELLENIC POST and item tracking on

It belongs to HOLES collection and the colours chosen are white and light grey striped with beige lines of wool/silk blend. It is a practical, cosy, stylish and unique fashion accessory made from top quality materials.

Your scarf labelled with CERTIFICATE OF UNIQUENESS will be delivered in an elegant recyclable ECO paper gift bag with satin black ribbon, stamped with my logo.

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Wear it all day long, from the morning when you go to your office, till your evening dinner, from the coffee with your friends till an official meeting or a Saturday party. Make your look worth remembering, upgrade any neutral outfit, make a statement, receive plenty of compliments!

The HOLES scarves collection is a series of bold design. Silk organza is decorated with “dotted” merino wool, and this lace effect is interrupted by some short, intense lines. These scarves are ideal for building effects since the texture of the base fabric allows for sophisticated ties and wrappings. An one-of-a-kind fashion accessory to embellish every outfit in the most impressive way.

Despite its lightness, this organza has great stability, therefore you can create many different looks:

✔ fold it around your neck for a rock-and-roll look
✔ lay it simply over your shoulders for a chic look
✔ wear it inside-out to have the colours “calm down” for a quieter look
✔ let it emerge out of a coat in heavy winter
✔ make it an nice wrap closed with a nice brooch in cool summer evenings

Fabric: super light, natural, un-dyed organza
Wool: non-woven Australian Merino wool 19 microns

Length: 67’’ (170 cm)
Width: 15’’ (38 cm)

The handmade products cannot be made identical, so the end-product might slightly differ from the dimensions stated here above.

Hand wash with mild detergent or soap and lukewarm water, gently squeeze while rinsing, dry preferably on a flat surface. For a sleeker look iron on the right side at temperature for wool/silk. DO NOT put in the washing machine.

All patterns and designs belong to SHEEPCOUNT

If you would like another colour combination, please contact me to place a custom order for you. This change may slightly alter the end price and the delivery time.

Every SHEEPCOUNT scarf is 100% handmade and unique, designed and created by me, in my pet- and smoke-free studio following fully ecological process with no added energy footprint.

Wool has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore do not worry about allergies at all. Furthermore wool is dust and stain resistant, so your scarf will easily stay clean and ready-to-wear. On the opposite to any “itchy” wool memory you might have, this scarf’s raw materials of high quality give you an extremely delicate and soft touch, a real caress to your skin.