Felt is a nonwoven fabric of wool matted together by heat, moisture and great pressure.

Nuno felting is a technique which combines wool with any suitable material, usually pure silk. The silk fabric is the base where the unwoven wool design is created on. The wool fibres enter the silk weaving with the help of water, soap and friction and, as the wool shrinks during the nuno procedure, it drags along the silk, and so the wool sticks on the fibre and becomes one body with it. At the end pleats are created in the silk where wool nests in.


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Felt is


In Scarves / S|S

“PURE” Linen Scarf No 6

In F|W / Scarves

“LINES” Pongé Silk Scarf in Fir

In Men|Women / Shawls / S|S

“ELEMENTS | SAND” Cotton Gauze Scarf No 3

In F|W / Men|Women / Scarves / S|S

“SIMPLE” Chiffon Scarf with linen edges No 1

In Scarves / S|S

“EASY” Silk Cotton Voile Scarf No 2

In Men|Women / Shawls / S|S

“NATURE” Organic Cotton Gauze Scarf No 2

In F|W / Limited / Shawls

“BOTH” XL Cashmere Silk Chiffon Scarf in Lime No 2

In Limited / Men|Women / Shawls / S|S

“DOUBLE” Silk Cotton and Cotton Scarf No 3

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