“SO CHIC” Pongé Silk Arm Warmers in Yellow

“SO CHIC” Pongé Silk Arm Warmers in Yellow

Handmade pongé silk arm warmers with merino wool and silk fibres made with Nuno Felting technique. Both silk and wool are hand-dyed with ecological dyes certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. In yellow with infused turquoise tones. Double faced.

A very elegant fashion item for all cases. Feel the luxurious pongé silk with its sheen and softness combined with fine merino wool. Observe the beautiful bubble effect -dramatically shown in this particular kind of silk- that wool creates on the silk after completion of the shrinkage stage in the nuno felting process. Each arm warmer in the same pair is different from the other. Each pair is unique and cannot be repeated.


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November 12, 2017



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